Love me like you do : an emotional story of love and finding yourself

Af Aimee Brown (2020)
Summary: A runaway bride. A handsome stranger. Two pasts to put behind them. Parker is ready to marry the man of her dreams. But he isn't ready to marry her. It would be helpful if he didn't choose their wedding day to tell her this. But as she flees from the travesty behind her, she literally runs into the arms of a handsome stranger. The southern drawl, the dreamy eyes, she can't fall for another man after being left at the altar – can she? When Liam agreed to go to go on a date he didn't expect to leave with the bride. Nor did he expect to take her the emergency room. Immediately he's drawn to her fiery spirit, her kind heart and beautiful smile. Liam's got a whole host of problems and a past that keeps coming back, now can't be the time to fall in love, but Parker might just be the one to break down his barriers and let him live a little – if she'll let him in. Will these two strangers allow serendipity to put them together, or will their fears keep them apart? From the bestselling author of The Lucky Dress comes a story about love, finding yourself and living your dreams