Medicine Woman

Af Lynn V. Andrews (2023)
Summary: The first in the late Lynn Andrews's widely popular and visionary Medicine Woman series, this book will encourage you to find your own sacred feminine power. Join Lynn V. Andrews in her pivotal book Medicine Woman , following her journey as an American Indian art collector turned shaman initiate. While visiting an art gallery in Beverly Hills, Lynn sees an image of a rare American Indian basket, which immediately captivates her and haunts her dreams. Upon calling the gallery the following day, she finds that it has mysteriously disappeared. Through a series of serendipitous events, Lynn eventually finds herself in the wilderness of Manitoba to locate a Cree woman named Agnes Whistling Elk, who is said to know the location of the sacred marriage basket and could help Lynn retrieve it. But once up north, Lynn finds more than she bargained for. The evil shaman Red Dog has stolen the marriage basket from Agnes. Agnes asks fellow wise woman Ruby Plenty Chiefs to help her teach Lynn their sacred ways before she attempts to steal it back. From there, Lynn is instructed to become a huntress, invite her wolf-self forward to better serve her on her mission, and to learn to embrace her own sacred medicine. Will Lynn find the feminine power within herself in time to face and defeat Red Dog once and for all?