The Game

Af Martin Kemp (2023)
Summary: Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose ... A British icon delivers a powerful blockbuster in an exhilarating thriller set in London's East End. 'Masterful' Susan Lewis 'Feels different and fresh, Johnny Klein is a great character, love it!' Kimberley Chambers 'Gritty, compelling and heartbreaking ... loved it' Catherine Cooper Martin Kemp, the music, film and TV legend creates fiction gold as he introduces fictional anti-hero Johnny Klein in a breathless, high-octane page-turner. Johnny Klein is a rock casualty, a fallen 1980s popstar who has lost everything — his family, his money and his fame. Thrown a lifeline by an old contact in the music business, Johnny doesn't care what he is getting himself into. Dragged down into East London's dark underbelly, Johnny discovers there is more at stake than his own shattered ego. Johnny hates being yesterday's man but now he's wishing he could disappear altogether. The party might be over, but there's no escape from the past... Readers LOVE The Game: 'I could not put it down' ????? 'A book that stays with you after you've finished it ... Thrilling, heartfelt and thought-provoking' ????? 'A good gritty storyline that also pulled at the heartstrings' ????? 'Such a fun read' ????? 'So gripping, absorbing and interesting' ????? 'Mr Kemp didn't disappoint' ????? 'A great storyline ... I hope there's a follow up book' ?????