Trust and Follow

Af John Houston (2023)
Summary: In Trust and Follow , John Houston shares his journey of trusting God in all areas of his life and how that led to giving God his business. God said, "I want you to give Me the business." John Houston has spent two decades establishing his company's reputation as one of Dallas–Fort Worth's premier custom home builders. With God's guidance, John Houston Homes has been blessed with unprecedented success—even during the devasting economic downturn in the early 2000s that put many construction companies out of business. Based on this experience, as well as many others in his professional and personal life, John knew that God could be trusted. And he firmly believed that he'd grown and matured enough in his faith that he'd follow anywhere God wanted to lead him. But one day, John felt God asking him to give Him the business. And not just in his heart and mind—in reality. To step down as CEO of the company he'd built from the ground up and hand the reins to someone else. From that moment, his faith and trust would be tested in ways he never could've imagined. In Trust and Follow: Learning How to Be CEO of a God-Owned Business , John takes you on a journey of the situations and events that have helped him develop a real relationship with God and learn to trust Him over the years. He shares the wisdom he's gained about what it means to say yes to God—even when the request makes no sense, and the path forward is unclear and uncertain. And he hopes that his story will encourage you to reflect on your own life, to see and appreciate the many ways God has proved to be faithful and trustworthy in your past, your present, and in the days to come