The Strength of Love : Embracing an Uncertain Future with Resilience and Optimism

Af Kate Garraway (2023)
Summary: __ ***From the number-one bestselling author*** 'It's a constant cycle of loving and losing, gratitude at surviving and grief for what's been lost. I think we all emerged from the last few years with a new appreciation of life, desperate to get our freedoms back and get out there and live to the full, only to find more fear and uncertainty was waiting for us. These are probably the toughest times we have faced in many decades and we all have to find within us the strength and resilience to get through and to find happiness and love in our futures, whatever life throws at us. This book tells the story of how I am learning to find love and strength to help my family thrive and I hope what I have learned helps you to get through your own challenges. We can do this!' Kate Garraway has had to learn how to adapt ever since her husband Derek started his fight against the devastating impact of Covid. Each day brings uncertainty and challenges that test her resolve. In The Strength of Love , Kate explores issues that resonate with so many of us. She looks at the impact of trauma as well as the importance of resilience, adaptability, curiosity and positivity when recovering from it. She talks about identity, purpose, how to embrace uncertainty and take back control of our lives. Through her and Derek's story, she provides comfort and wisdom that will help anyone who has ever felt desperate, lonely or experienced profound loss, or who is fearful about the uncertainty of all our futures. Despite all that she and her family have had to endure, Kate shows us that love truly is the most powerful and resilient emotion of all