The Lost Girl : The heartbreaking new novel from Sunday Times bestseller Rosie Goodwin

Af Rosie Goodwin (2023)
Summary: 1875 With their father missing and their mother suddenly passing, Esme and Gabriel are forced to track down their estranged grandfather in Lincolnshire. Cold and unwelcoming, he is reluctant to take them in, but aware of his standing as the village vicar, he knows must protect his reputation, and allow the children to stay with him. Esme's relief at finding refuge soon turns to despair when Gabriel is sent to boarding school, leaving her alone in their grandfather's unhappy home. But the house isn't as empty as it first appeared and Esme, with her unusual gift of being able to see spirits, begins to encounter the ghosts of young women in the abandoned rooms and dark corridors of the rectory. The women are trapped between this world and the next, seeking help from Esme and leaving her with a mystery to solve if she is to stand a chance of establishing a peaceful, happy life. Can Esme lay the ghosts to rest to save herself and find the life she deserves?