Boogie Up the River : Two BBC Radio Comedy Travelogues

Af Mark Wallington (2023)
Summary: A full-cast BBC Radio adaptation of Mark Wallington's comic tale of one man and his dog, starring Timothy Spall In a bid to impress his not-quite-girlfriend Jennifer, Mark persuades her to accompany him on a journey to discover the true source of the river that flows past her London flat. Setting himself up with a classic Victorian camping skiff, he's ready for adventure and romance - but his plans are scuppered at the last minute by his manic mongrel mutt, Boogie. Boogie has bad breath, terrible wind and a tendency to moult all over your toast - and on top of all that, he can't swim. But Mark can't leave him behind - his friends refuse to look after him, and he has a reputation at all the kennels (the last time he stayed in one, even the other dogs complained). Taking to the water, Mark comes face-to-face with a colourful assortment of river dwellers and dreams of Delia Smith, while Boogie meets his first Canada goose - and headbutts a swan... As they scull upstream, they pursue the elusive Jennifer, who leaves a trail of terrible poems, exotic takeaways and answerphone messages, but is somehow always elsewhere. Will she ever join Mark on his quest? Will they ever find the source of the Thames? And will Boogie ever learn to curb his disgusting habits? Adapted by Mark Wallington from his own hilarious novel, this light-hearted, engaging dramatisation will delight fans of Three Men in a Boat and Bill Bryson. It stars Timothy Spall as Mark, Ronald Herdman as Boogie and Carla Mendonça as Jennifer. Adapted by Mark Wallington from his own novel Produced by Caroline Leddy Cast Mark/Narrator - Timothy Spall Boogie/Dorchester Man/Landlord - Ronald Herdman Jennifer Conway - Carla Mendonça Michael - Gary Parker P.A/Royal Lady - Ainslie Foster Fiddy - Jon Glover Dario/Boat Guide/Boater/Farmer - Mark Straker Pensioner/Landlord/Fisherman 1 - John Church Douglas/Fisherman 3/Archie - David Holt Marsha - Melanie Hudson Mrs Matheson/Graveyard Woman - Ann Windsor Lock Keeper - Terence Edmond Kevin/Fisherman 2 - Rod Smith Rita/Christine/Dorchester Lady - Jill Graham Delia Smith/Sandra/Betty - Melinda Walker Cruiserman/Cricketer - John Fleming Fisherman/Barman - Jonathan Adams Cox - Jonathan Tafler Mrs Byron/Shopkeeper - Margaret Stallard Percy - Eric Allen 'A Bit of Alright'/Curator/Canoeist - Nicholas Murchie Sam Tucker - Geoffrey McGivern Laundrette Attendant/Girl - Kate Binchy Barman - Simon Godley Adolescent Girl - Julie Gibbs Old Lady - Jillie Meers First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 17 December 1992-21 January 1993 © 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd. (P) 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd