Doctor Who : The Lagoon Monsters: 10th Doctor Audio Original

Af Gary Russell (2023)
Summary: Seán Carlsen reads this original adventure for the Tenth Doctor and Martha, as played on TV by David Tennant and Freema Agyeman. The waters of the Pacific Ocean form the backdrop of this foray into Eighteenth Century seafaring for the Doctor and Martha, when the TARDIS materialises on board the Blue Groper sailing ship. Grudgingly accepted as stowaways by Captain Sadler's crew, the travellers learn that the ship is on a mission to Luna Puesta, 'the land where the moon has set'. There, just off the coast of New Zealand, Professor James Tomlinson hopes to locate a missing archaeological link between dinosaurs and man. But what the expedition finds on arrival is far beyond the Professor's wildest dreams... ? 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd © 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd Reading produced by Neil Gardner/Ladbroke Audio. Sound design by David Darlington. Executive producer for BBC Audio: Michael Stevens