Hill 112 : a novel of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy

Summary: A gripping story of friendship and division in the midst of warfare, set against one of the most dramatic, dangerous, and crucial campaigns of World War II: the Battle of Normandy. They went to war as boys. Will they make it home as men? D-Day. June 6th, 1944. The trajectory of the Second World War – and with it the course of modern history – is changed for ever. For three young former schoolmates from South Wales, their war is only just beginning. James was the school cricket captain. Now, a few short years later, he is in charge of a troop of Sherman tanks. Mark, just nineteen, must lead a platoon of infantrymen into battle. And Bill, always something of a loner, sees the heart of the fighting as a private soldier. These young men, and thousands of others, will soon be a part of one of the bloodiest and most brutal parts of the Normandy campaign: the battle for Hill 112. The horror, the fear, the filth; the savage fighting; the sheer exhilaration and moments of farce and laughter: those who come through the carnage will never be the same again. From critically acclaimed author and historian Adrian Goldsworthy, Hill 112 is b ased on real events and the records and reminiscences of those who were there. Published to coincide with the eightieth anniversary of D-Day, Hill 112 is perfect for fans of Robert Harris and Simon Scarrow