Primære faneblade

  • Sebastian Cordes: Om kedsomhed : essays

  • Karl Jaspers: Skyldspørgsmålet
    Af Karl Jaspers (2023)

  • Toni Morrison: Forestillingen om de andre
    Af Toni Morrison (2023)

  • Egon Clausen (f. 1940): Vestenvind : essays

  • Geir Gulliksen: Hvis jeg var mand : essays
    Af Geir Gulliksen (2023)

  • Thomas Piketty: Racisme skal måles for at overvinde diskrimination
    Af Thomas Piketty (2023)

  • Thomas Wivel: Her på det sidste
    Af Thomas Wivel (2023)

  • George Orwell: Det engelske folk
    Af George Orwell (2023)

  • George Orwell: Elefanten og andre essays
    Af George Orwell (2023)

  • Thomas Wivel: Den middelmådige morder : meninger og meningsløshed : kortprosa
    Af Thomas Wivel (2023)

  • Vortex Group: The George Floyd Uprising
    Af Vortex Group (2023)
    Summary: In the summer of 2020, America experienced one of the biggest uprisings in half a century. Waves of enraged citizens took to the streets to streets in Minneapolis to decry the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. Battles broke out night after night, with a pandemic weary populace fighting the police and eventually burning down the Third Precinct. The revolt soon spread to cities large and small across the country where protesters set police cars on fire, looted luxury shopping districts and forced the president into hiding in a bunker beneath the White House. As the initial crest receded, localized rebellions continued to erupt throughout the summer and into the fall in Atlanta, Chicago, Kenosha, Louisville, Philadelphia, and elsewhere. Written during the riots, The George Floyd Uprising is a compendium of the most radical writing to come out of that long, hot summer. These incendiary dispatches—from those on the frontlines of the struggle—examines the revolt and the obstacles it confronted. It paints a picture of abolition in practice, discusses how the presence of weapons in the uprising and the threat of armed struggle play out in an American context, and shows how the state responds to and pacifies rebellions. The George Floyd Uprising poses new social, tactical, and strategic plans for those actively seeking to expand and intensify revolts of the future. This practical, inspiring collection is essential reading for all those hard at work toppling the state and creating a new revolutionary tradition

  • Sophie Cachia: Then There Was You : Captivating true life stories of self-discovery and reinvention
    Af Sophie Cachia (2023)
    Summary: Then There Was You is the eagerly awaited follow-up to Sophie Cachia's bestselling memoir Then There Was Her . In Then There Was Her , Sophie Cachia revealed how falling in love with a woman turned her whole world upside down. Her story inspired thousands of readers to reach out, wanting to share their own journeys of sexual and romantic discovery. Then There Was You is a captivating true life collection of stories told to Sophie about heartbreak, passion, bravery and the healing power of shared experiences. After 18 years (and two kids) with her male partner, a woman finds her missing puzzle piece following a chance encounter with a beautiful woman at a wedding. A woman and her husband are house-hunting for a bigger place ... so her boyfriend can move in with them all. Her first serious relationship was toxic, and emotionally and psychologically abusive – and it ends in tragedy